Top ten Google Chrome add-ons


Over the past few years Firefox has been growing in market share in the Internet browser industry due to its speed and support for extensions, but that tide may well be about to shift. Google stated this week that Chrome extensions installed by users will now be fully supported, making Chrome the most formidable competitor to Firefox yet.

Despite the fact that there haven't been many released yet, here are the ten most popular Google Chrome extensions:

1. AdBlock - If you're sick of seeing advertisements when you browse the web, this Chrome addon is ideal. Block advertising and reduce both clutter and load time while you surf.

2. IE Tab - For websites that are stuck in the past, IE Tab enables you to open an Internet Explorer-rendered page within Google Chrome, eliminating the need to open a new browser.

Google Mail Checker is a Chrome plugin that displays the number of messages in your Gmail inbox. A useful tool for decreasing the number of times you visit the Gmail website.

Chromed Bird - A wonderful Twitter account within your Google browser - this chrome extension enables you to stay current with your time line.

Google Similar Pages (beta) - Similar to StumbleUpon, Google Similar Pages allows you to view pages that are similar to the one you are currently viewing.

This unauthorized Facebook extension allows you to access your feed, wall, and status updates without visiting the Facebook website.

FlashBlock is a plugin for Google Chrome that blocks flash on websites. You may choose to block all flash, to be selective, or to configure an embedded white list.

Helium 10 chrome extension - are an integral part of the Chrome browsing experience, and this extension allows you to manage them when you have too many open.

Wikipedia Chromium Edition - A Wikipedia addon that enables instantaneous encyclopaedia searches, putting all knowledge at your fingertips.

Ibrii is a social extension that allows you to "snip" everything from web pages to images and movies. You can post your discoveries on Twitter, Facebook, and additional platforms.

Hence, the conclusion. The ten most popular Google Chrome extensions currently available. As extension support hasn't been available for very long, this list will likely become obsolete over time; therefore, you should get them while they're still hot! Clearly, the preceding list contains a wide variety of plugins that pertain primarily to day-to-day browsing. There are other excellent ones that are specialized for specific fields, such as "FireBug Lite" for web development and design, "Amazon Deals" for consumers, and "Slideshow" for photographers.


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