Chrome Extensions Every Web Developer Must Have


Even though Google Chrome has only been around for a few years, it has already captivated the interest of many web developers, and with good cause. The web browser is lightning swift (as seen by its rapid overtake of Internet Explorer as one of the most popular browsers) and new extensions are launched every day. And here are the extensions that every developer must have in order to fully utilize Google Chrome Helium 10:

Fantastic Screenshot

This add-on enables web developers to capture a complete web page or just a portion of it. You can then circle or underline key areas, block out unnecessary information, and add notes to the page. You can also save or upload the image, which facilitates sharing.

Chrome Detector

This add-on enables a developer to inspect the foundation of any website they are currently viewing. It will identify and display any attached content management system (CMS) or JavaScript library.

Cloud Save

As a web developer, you are likely accustomed to working online; however, do you currently save any crucial files you're working with online? This extension enables you to save files from any website to 'The Cloud'-compatible services, such as Amazon Cloud Drive.


This extension simplifies the developer's use of the file attachment system. You need only drag the file you wish to attach from your computer onto the input area, as opposed to clicking through many windows.

HTML Instant

This add-on permits web developers to work with HTML in real time. In the split-screen interface, you will enter your code on the left and immediately view the results on the right.

Measure It!

A developer can use this extension to determine the size of any element on a given web page.

Plain Clothes

This add-on is extremely beneficial for web developers since it allows them to view a website's "bare bones." This can make it easier to identify design flaws and comprehend why everything functions significantly better when it is simplified.

Web Developer

This plugin is essential for any developer, as it enables them to examine and change CSS, display image file sizes, and delete session cookies with a single click.

After downloading these useful web developer extensions for Google Chrome, you will be able to create more accessible and user-friendly WebPages for the browser.


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